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Welcome to Game Republic!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Sumo Digital

Game Republic is an industry-led games business network that supports and promotes the Yorkshire, north-west and north-east England games industry, with members including Rockstar Leeds, Sumo Digital, Leeds Metropolitan University, The Blast Furnace, Just Add Water, Four Door Lemon, the University of Huddersfield and Team17.


Our mission statement is simply:
“More business for Game Republic members”

Game Republic is expanding and offering more extensive commercial benefits to its Yorkshire, north-west and north-east England members, developing a more effective membership structure that will include games developers, digital publishers, digital companies, support industries and academic institutions.

Game Republic is evolving to become even more relevant and essential to businesses looking for support, contacts and business development in the north of England.

Game Republic has arranged meetings and held business-focused networking events in the region with major international companies including Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Eurogamer, Microsoft, Nokia, GOG.com, Intel, Unity and Havok.

If you’d like to join Game Republic, or simply find out more about how the network can help your games business or university, just email jamie [at] gamerepublic.net


“I believe that Game Republic performs a pivotal role in aiding, assisting and bringing together the games industry in the Yorkshire region.” Martyn Brown, InsightForHire

“Game Republic has been instrumental in raising the visibility of the world class game development companies based in Yorkshire. The support, passion and energy of all those involved has attracted a lot of interest in the region and competitive advantages have been realised.” Carl Cavers, Sumo Digital

“It’s just fantastic that the Game Republic network celebrated its tenth birthday in 2013. We initially set up Game Republic a decade ago to really help games developers in this region, and it’s wonderful that this is still continuing today.”
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software

“The Yorkshire development community is one of the most united in the country and long may it continue to be supported. I always come away from the Game Republic events having learned something myself.” Jon Hare, Tower Studios

“Without Game Republic’s support, we would’ve found it very difficult to be taken seriously. The network has also been extremely valuable for opening up new business opportunities.” Stewart Gilray, Just Add Water Ltd