The Game Republic Podcast is Here!

The very first Game Republic Podcast, supported by Autodesk, is now live on Soundcloud and iTunes!

The podcast features Charles Cecil MBE, co-founder of Revolution Software, the creators of fantastic adventure games such as Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword series. In this in-depth interview, Charles discusses his early career, dealing with unscrupulous publishers, living and working in York, Brexit, and the state of the games industry in 2018.

Charles gives a very honest interview, discussing how the firm nearly went bankrupt in 2008, but have since been completely revitalised due to digital stores – especially Apple’s App Store – and reveals exciting details on their new adventure game, which will be announced later this year.

The Game Republic Podcast will be an ongoing series – if you are a GR member and would like to take part, please get in touch. The Podcast is available to stream and download from iTunes and Soundcloud.