GameDevDay Digital featuring ID@Xbox – 7th May 2020

Game Republic’s next business event for members will be on Thursday 7th May with a digital version of GameDevDay, featuring a webinar with ID@Xbox, a virtual pub meet-up for Game Republic and GaMaYo members and a Slack thread to demo and show games and projects to various publishers and platform-holders.

Starting at 2pm is a webinar from Ago Simonetta, ID@Xbox, on the platform’s various opportunities including Game Pass, with a chance to ask questions after the main presentation. This event is for GR members only.

From 6pm will be the virtual pub meet-up for both GR and GaMaYo members, plus the opportunity to show new games and projects via our Slack group. To become a member of Game Republic, simply get in touch!

Game Republic Business Webinar – Kowloon Nights, 16th April

Game Republic’s next business webinar for members will be on Thursday 16th April at 4pm with Callum Underwood from major investor Kowloon Nights.

The company hosts a gaming fund supporting “exceptional developers from around the world”, which currently includes Godfall from The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda currently being developed for PlayStation 5 (pictured here), and Kowloon Nights have also attended the recent Investment Summits in Seattle and London in 2019.

Callum will talk about the vision of Kowloon Nights, the games fund, some of the titles they have signed so far and how you can apply – plus there’ll be an opportunity for a Q&A after the presentation. Game Republic members access this webinar for free – if you’re interested in joining, get in touch!