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Game Republic Launches 20th Anniversary Awards

Game Republic has launched its 20th Anniversary Awards which will highlight the many achievements and successes in the region. The awards are open to those companies and individuals that develop games and support the games industry. A new Awards page has been set up for nominations which will close on 30th September 2023.  The special awards which form part of the 2023 events for the network are thanks to the support of Official Partners Escape Technology, Barclays and Red Kite Games.

Award categories include recognition of companies doing great work in their communities, in inclusivity and sustainability as well as naming Games Legend(s), best studios and the best game ever made in Yorkshire and The North. The Awards also recognise the educators in the network with awards for inspiring course leaders and game related research.

Jamie Sefton, MD of Game Republic said “The 20th Anniversary is as much a celebration of the region’s great industry as it is about the network. It seemed timely to be giving the companies, the people, the suppliers and the educators a chance to celebrate their own successes at this significant time.”

Award sponsors include Eaton-Smith Solicitors (Best Large Studio), Other Things (Best Company Boss), Tileyard North (Community Player Award), Barclays (Best Mid-Sized Studio), Red Kite Games (Games Legend), Escape Technology (Most Innovative Use of Technology), Lenovo (Best Small Studio) to name a few. For a full list of awards visit the Awards page.

Awards will be revealed at the start of GaMaYo during GameDevDay in the spectacular surroundings of Tileyard North on 23rd November. Game Republic and GaMaYo members have received free codes to attend the events.
Anyone wishing to join visit Game Republic or GaMaYo

picture of the huge carding shed in Tileyard North with red brick and iron girders.
The huge Carding Shed space at Tileyard North will be the venue for GaMaYo and the 20th Anniversary Game Awards on 23rd November 2023




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