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Video Games Research Framework

Elena Petrovskaya from the University of York shares her research on monetization and mental health in games
Elena Petrovskaya from the University of York shares her research on monetization and health in games

The University of York and XR Stories played host to the DCMS launching its Video Games Research Framework last week. The event included presentations on existing research being conducted, live research being conducted through Steam with University of Bath and University of Southern Denmark was highlighted – link here to find out more or participate.

Workshops between academics and industry took place to identify collaboration opportunities and challenges to conducting research.

Dr David Zendle set off the proceedings emphasing that the numbers of people playing games presented a unique opportunity for research to look at video games but at wider issues through games. Professor Tom Rodden Scientific Adviser to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport provided the opening speech explaining the context of the framework and its vision.

Diagram with research topics in bright colours

The framework is being supported with funding from Research Councils (AHRC, ESRC, EPSRC) for Research Organisations, Universities and consortia to conduct research The framework covers topics which broadly look at what research can be conducted about the games industry and what research can be conducted through games. We hope that Game Republic Educational Partners will be able to benefit from this research framework.

Tom Rodden standing by a podium
Tom Rodden, Chief Scientific Adviser for DCMS explains the framework

For full information on the new research themes from the Video Games Research Framework visit this link.

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