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Alibi Games

Game publishing & developer representation. Driven by experience and a love for games, we are a unique publishing ecosystem enhancing developer support and investor opportunities.


Suppliers of Game Artwork, CGI, Animation, Rigging, VFX & Tutoring Services.

Arcane Forge

New Huddersfield-based developer

Arcane Forge

Backslash Audio

Backslash Audio Ltd is a full service solution for all of your interactive audio needs. The team have extensive experience in creating all aspects of Audio for Video Games & Interactive Applications. Sound Design and Implementation, VR/AR/MR, Voice Over, Music Outsourcing, Promotional and Trailer Creation.

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BetaJester creates interactive digital experiences for both the public and clients. We focus on delivering creative and effective solutions by developing gaming and virtual reality experiences.



Boneloaf is a small independent game studio currently making a series of experimental multiplayer party games, including our latest, Gang Beasts.

chokepoint logo

Chokepoint Creative is on a mission to create incredible, accessible games. Chokepoint is a fully-remote independent game development studio hailing from the North of England

Claymatic Games

Claymatic Games are working on Clodhoppers, a PC and console game featuring the enigma that is Cletus Clay.


Clubit Games

Clubit was established back in 1999 as an online retailer and wholesaler of entertainment products. Clubit Games is now developing videogames.

Cooperative Innovations

Virtual Reality games development studio working on original, cooperative and innovative IPs.

Curve Games

Curve Games is an award-winning independent publisher. We work with the best talent from all over the world to curate, shape and amplify ‘Triple I’ games.

Dogbox Games

At Dogbox we create entertainment that allows your inner child to run wild. Producing games that combine childlike fun, relatable characters with real agency and compelling stories. We nourish talent to build an inclusive and supportive work ethic to meet deadlines without crunch, and aim to build trust and relationships through professionalism, transparency and delivery.


Based in the UK’s emerging hub of North East game devs, Dink puts the fun in functional, making cool shit for cool people. As Unreal Engine specialists we focus on delivering new and unique experiences working with clients as a work for hire studio. while also creating our own IP video games!


Distinctive Games

Distinctive Games is an independent studio founded in 1994 as a console developer working on Playstation One and Nintendo 64. Since 2001 our attention has solely been on mobile platforms working with the biggest publishers and brands in the industry from the FIFA franchise to Tomb Raider.

Double Eleven

Double Eleven is an indie-friendly developer and publisher of video games. As a developer we have a tremendous amount of experience, and a publisher we have an equal amount of respect for the process.  Our philosophy is simply that great people + great environment = the best chance of making a game people will enjoy.

Draw & Code

A powerhouse of innovation, our agile studio has built a core team that lives and breathes emerging technology. Draw & Code use cutting-edge tech to make awe-inspiring immersive experiences.

Dreaming Methods

Dreaming Methods creates digital fiction, bringing literature alive in new ways through websites, digital art, gaming and immersive technologies.

Fast Loris Games

Founded in 2008 as a MOD team to develop an entry in the Epic Games and Intel Make Something Unreal competition. Beyond developing our own titles, Fast Loris Games creates 3rd party applications and technologies for a wide variety of aspects including martial arts and interactive marketing.

Fast Loris Games

Fat Kraken

Fat Kraken Studios is a game development studio based in the heart and hub of Leeds, UK. We have spent years working with single-digit teams to AAA studios to create quality experiences.

Five Aces Publishing

Five Aces are the hugely experienced team who’ve worked in partnership with New Star Games on the BAFTA award-winning “New Star Soccer” and its recently released sequel, “New Star Manager”. We develop and publish for mobile, handheld, PC and console. We’ve created both free-to-play and premium games, and alongside our own projects have worked with top clients such as Namco, Rovio, and Hachette UK.

Fruity Systems

Fruity Systems is a UK based independent games development and publishing company. We are currently working on a game called Space Salvage which is being developed in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2.

Hans Hess logo

Hans Michael Anselmo Hess is an award-winning media composer based in Leeds providing bespoke composition services that meaningfully enhance stories told by content creators in entertainment industries


Huey Games

Founded by three industry veterans with more than 45 years of combined experience making and publishing hit games. Huey Games create world-class arcade titles such as Hyper Sentinel, cutting-edge VR applications for a range of clients, and port other developers games to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.



At IMPRNT we understand the importance of world building, and immersing the audience with compelling visuals.
We offer a full suite of Art based services – from Concept, to Production, to Branding, and are equipped with the talent and experience to leave an imprint on your games.

Just Add Water Ltd

Just Add Water Ltd is a Leeds-based developer of exceptional games, with partners including Rebellion, Sony XDEV, Bossa Studios, Playtonic Games and Codemasters.

Labrador Studios Ltd

Labrador Studios is a new indie game development studio located in York, England. Labrador is committed to developing and creating games that put gameplay first. Our motto is “If the player isn’t happy, we aren’t happy”.

M Nicholas Consulting Ltd

From mesh to game engine, I can organise your projects animation needs. I’ve skill and experience in taking a mesh through the whole animation pipeline from rigging skinning, animation and tooling in Maya, to implementation of animation controllers in unity and animation blueprints in unreal. I have several projects under the belt to validate this experience such as Overcooked 2, The Survivalists, Epic Chef, Killer Frequency in Unity and Hell Let Loose and Worms Rumble in Unreal.

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Magica Music

We make music focused on small and beautiful sounds, with a mainly orchestral palette but also influenced by Celtic folk, and various traditional music from around the world

North Breeze Entertainment

Specialising in VR, Console and PC games, North Breeze Entertainment delivers beautifully crafted digital products. Home of The Beatles and renowned the world over for its people, sporting teams and video games legacy, Liverpool is home to North Breeze.

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Creating fantastical worlds and immersive experiences

North Wave Audio

We have close to 20 years experience and an unbridled passion for our craft, having produced music, sound design and dialogue for countless titles, from indie to AAA and across practically all major platforms.

Otterweave Games Studio

“Weaves Narrative-Driven Games, but more!”. We are a York-based Indie Game Studio that combines narratives-driven games with different game genres. Our studio’s value is to make games that inspire – we seek to put a smile on our audience and motivate them!


PitStop Productions

PitStop is a one-stop creative services company operating across a wide range of media and entertainment industries worldwide. PitStop’s work can be found across all entertainment mediums:  Theme Parks, Video Games, Television, Radio, Visitor Attractions, Theatre Shows and Major Label Records.


Leading International Creator, Publisher & Distributor of Video Games. Bring Games to the digital & physical marketing on all major platforms.

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Radical Forge

With a range of innovative, engrossing and insane projects on the go, we’ve hit the ground running since forming in 2017. Currently a small team based in the North East of England, we have several years of experience on a vast range of indie and externally published titles. We’re passionate about dedicating every day to pushing our creative limits, and we can’t wait to share more of our work with the world.

Rattle Can Games

Rattle Can Games specialises in providing consulting and contract services to the games industry. Rattle Can’s purpose is to provide clients with expert development support, helping them achieve their goals.

Our recent work has largely been with Unity and C# on PC, console and VR, but we also support clients using Unreal and proprietary engines.

Rebellion North

At Rebellion North we design, develop and deliver great game titles working with a range of major clients for release across all major desktop, console and mobile platforms.


Recluse Industries

Indie game developer, pixel-pusher and synthesizer junkie based in the North of England. Designed Speccy classics ‘Dan Dare’ (I & II) and award-winning Game Boy Color strategy game ‘WARLOCKED’. Fan of old skool, human vs computer, ‘anti-social‘ gaming. Producing music as Vector Lovers.

Red Kite Games

Based in Leeds, UK, Red Kite Games is a video games development company that consists of highly experienced individuals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Reflex Arc

At Reflex Arc we create interesting and inspirational immersive software. Working with organisations, brands and artists we create award winning experiences from games to location based installations.


Revolution Software

Revolution Software was founded in 1990 by Charles Cecil, Tony Warriner, David Sykes and Noirin Carmody. The company’s speciality would be for writing adventure games, including Beneath a Steel Sky, and the Broken Sword series.


Rockstar Leeds

Leeds-based studio of Rockstar Games, creators of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne.

Rum Punch Games

Rum Punch Games is the exciting new banner for project management and video games production consultant Jessica Kelham.

Sigtrap 450 x 200

Sigtrap Games

Sigtrap Games is a small team of developers currently working on our next title after completing Sublevel Zero for release on PC (Steam) and consoles.

Sigtrap Games Twitter

Skyhook Games

A creative production house based in Liverpool, UK, delivering game development and art outsourcing to companies worldwide.


Sports Director Ltd

Founded in 2007 by Roger Womack, an industry veteran who has been designing and developing football management games for over twenty years. Our flagship product is Football Director for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Sports Director have the technology and tools to produce quality sports management games for all gaming platforms tailored for all markets worldwide.

Sumo_Logo_Horizontal_WhiteBG 450 x 200

Sumo Digital

As a World Class multiple award-winning independent game development studio, Sumo Digital is licensed to develop on all the major gaming platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, DS, as well as mobile and tablet.


Tanglewood Games are a team of Unreal Engine Experts who provide Engineering and Platform Porting services to the Games Industry.

Tanglewood Games


Team17 Ltd

Founded in 1990, Team17 Ltd is a leading independent developer and digital publisher headquartered in West Yorkshire UK. Team17 publishes games for PC, console, mobile and handheld devices, as well as other digital platforms.


Thunkd makes evening-sized and human-shaped narrative games.

Trigpoint Games

Trigpoint believes in creating worlds filled with compelling and outlandish characters, and the conspiracies that bring them together.

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Triplevision Games

Triplevision Games is a game studio based in Sheffield, made up of Andrew Stewart and a variety of collaborators from all over the world. Currently working on Mable & The Wood, a side-scrolling action adventure in which you play a little girl who can transform into different creatures to explore a large open world. You unlock different shapes by hunting down giant beasts and absorbing their power, or you can play through the game as a pacifist. The game is currently scheduled for release Q3 2018.

Tripunk logo


Tripunk LTD is a 3D Art studio supporting fellow creatives in developing memorable experiences that shift the cultural needle and have a lasting impact on their audience Beyond the Third Dimension.


Weaseltron Entertainment is a leading provider of games and interactive software on both next-gen and handheld platforms. From AAA to casual titles, Weaseltron draws on years of experience with multi-million selling games to bring top-end development services to the games industry within a budget and within a time-frame.

XR Games

XR Games is an award-winning game development studio founded in 2017 and led by industry veterans from Rockstar, EA, Codemasters, Sumo, Team 17 and Dubit.

Zmiy Studios

At Zmiy Studios, innovation is our driving force, and passion fuels our every endeavour. Join us on our journey as we embark on new adventures, forge new partnerships, and shape the future of gaming and miniature craftsmanship.

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