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Diversity initiative to give free GaMaYo tickets to underrepresented groups

Game Republic continues to support drives to increase diversity in the Games Industry – from championing the friendliest, most welcoming meet up for game developers in GaMaYo, to hosting panels tackling inclusivity and diversity at events and sharing good examples online. There are increasingly positive examples of games studios developing inclusive environments to support game developers from underrepresented groups to get into the games industry. Some of our Northern companies and notable individuals have also won regional, national and international recognition for their development of inclusive workspaces, practices and supporting and nurturing new and diverse talent – including Sumo Digital who won the Game Republic Inclusivity Award last November.

Game Republic has received funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Creative Collectives fund which will help the network to reach out further to underrepresented groups in the region. For GaMaYo in May and in November, special codes are available to people working in (or wanting to work in the games industry) who are underrepresented in the games industry to attend the event for FREE.

Jamie Sefton MD of Game Republic says “The funded support will help Game Republic to reach out to new people and monitor levels of engagement so we can continue to strengthen our industry through diversity and collaboration. Diverse teams result in better games that attract and represent more people and that can only be a positive thing for our industry.”

If you would like to see how the games industry is doing in diversity terms, read the full report from Ukie of a census of the games industry which is available to download here

If you would like to join Game Republic, find out more about this initiative, or apply for a free ticket to GaMaYo on 23rd May (age 18+ only please), please get in touch.



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