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picture of John Cotterill at Eaton-Smith

Eaton Smith to run Start-Up Roundtable at GaMaYo

Chris Taylor and John Cotterill (pictured) from Eaton Smith Solicitors will be running a roundtable sharing tips for game developers wanting to start their own studio at GaMaYo on 23rd May. The roundtable is just one of the ten to confirm for the event which is being hosted and sponsored by Tileyard North in Wakefield. Over two hundred developers have already registered to attend GaMaYo which will include 20 new game demos and networking with developers, publishers, studios, platform holders, educators and investors.

MD of Game Republic Jamie Sefton explains “The roundtables are a new addition to the event to help support the many indie developers that come along. We have so much expertise in the Game Republic network that will be helpful to indie game developers and so we are very pleased to be adding this new feature which we also hope will help people to network more easily as they gather around subject matter experts on areas of similar interest.”

Chris Taylor adds “I always look forward to GaMaYo as it is great to speak with and see what the truly innovative game developers in our region have been creating. This time, though, I am very much looking forward to hosting the Eaton Smith LLP round table and being able to discuss and explore with developers the legal issues connected with starting their own studio.”

Roundtables will start at 5pm and will cover topics including IP and publishers, careers in games, financing games and much more. Each roundtable will last 20 minutes so every developer will have a chance to cover at least 3 topics in the hour. Alongside roundtables, the event in May will also include optional tours of Tileyard North which can be booked before the event starts and a large quiet area upstairs which is fully accessible for anyone who might need to take some time out. Game demos will start from 6pm.

Jackie Mulligan, co-director of Game Republic adds “We are expecting a busy event, but will have a team on hand to welcome new people and lots of space to move around and try out new games being produced in the North!”

GaMaYo is a free event available to developers working in Yorkshire and The North of England. To apply to join GaMaYo or Game Republic click here or alternatively join the Great Northern Games Discord.


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