Game Republic

Cake with banner saying Game republic 20th anniversary with logos for red kite games, barclays and escape technology, white icing and characters including gang beasts climbing over the cake, worms popping out of the cake, a giant snake from snake pass and Nico from Broken Sword.

Fondant Gang Beasts prove no match for a real beast

The Game Republic team is in shock after a provocative video has been released online revealing the fate of the fondant Gang Beasts that once adorned the GR 20th Anniversary birthday cake. Kidnapped following the Summer Arcade Party in July, a video on TikTok has emerged, showing two of the fondant characters being mercilessly thrashed. Members of Boneloaf are to be questioned about the incident but it is clear that our fondant beasts did not stand a chance.

Luckily one sweet beast Red Cat Kigurumi is being held in a secret location amidst safety and security fears.



We’re back! We had these cakes that we wanted to destroy, so we thought we’d share with you lovely bunch. #GangBeasts #gangbeastsfunnymoments #cake

? original sound – Gang Beasts

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