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Free Skill Development Opportunities across the region

There are plenty of opportunities to get free support to upskill, learn new skills or get business or career support for entering the games industry thanks to a wide variety of funded training programmes starting across the region. 

Game Republic is leading a North Yorkshire project to support graduates to set up their own freelance business, their own studio or get their first job in the industry with the Graduate Work Ready Bootcamp. Deadline for applications is 10th November. If you would like to apply get in touch with us directly. The programme is being supported by York North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department for Education. A few places remain so if this is of interest please complete the form ASAP. 

In West Yorkshire, Game Republic is working with Mastered to support upskilling within studios with bespoke training available. For more information on this visit this link. In addition the company is providing support for individuals setting up as freelancers or creating their own businesses – Mastered’s ‘Business Skills bootcamp’, designed to support creative freelancers and small business owners. Over 8 weeks the bootcamp will give you the fundamental skills to get more clients and grow your business. There is more information about the bootcamp here. 

And finally Production Park are offering a wide range of skills bootcamps in West Yorkshire from short courses in unreal engine to event production , event management to courses on stage and screen rigging to support those in live events and screen production. For Unreal Engine the course is a fully-funded five week course that lets you get hands-on with the technology. You will have access to world-leading facilities used by the likes of Netflix, Amazon and ITV and will learn all the fundamentals. Click here to register your interest and apply for the course




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