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Game Republic and GameHorizon – an opportunity for the northern games industry

Eurogamer Network Ltd has bought the GameHorizon conference from Codeworks, securing the premier northern games business conference’s future. The sale is fantastic news for the region, as it ensures that the north will keep the popular and innovative GameHorizon conference, which was in doubt after owner Codeworks decided to shut its doors earlier this summer.

Eurogamer has a successful and proven track record with events, having built the Eurogamer Expo into the UK’s number one games event since its launch in 2008, as well as introducing new and innovative events such as the PC and Indie developer show Rezzed. You can see the story on here.

As for the network side of GameHorizon, Game Republic is working closely with Eurogamer as well as representatives and games companies in the North East on a networking event in Newcastle on Wednesday 5th December. This will be an opportunity to sample a Game Republic networking event, hear a major speaker, meet games companies, universities and other organisations and also hear from Eurogamer about the date and plans for the GameHorizon Conference 2013. Game Republic is planning to host regular network events in the North East from early 2013 if the network gets the backing of the games companies, universities and other interested parties.

These North East events are planned to be in addition to the monthly Yorkshire Game Republic events.

The real hope is that, as with the network in Yorkshire, the games development community in the North East will appreciate the value of bringing the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Unity,, Channel 4, BlackBerry and more to the region, focusing on “more business for members”. Game Republic members, whether based in the North East or Yorkshire, or anywhere in the north, will pay one membership fee per year and will be able to attend any Game Republic event no matter where they are located – there won’t be any differentiation between members in different regions.

Bringing the northern development communities together, as is proven with the GameHorizon conference and other initiatives, such as the successful State of Independence conference in York in 2010, creates more opportunities for business and collaboration for the games industry across the north of England. If you are a games developer, university or other games-related business in the North East, please contact Game Republic and let us know if you would like to have a regional games network, what you would like from the network and any other ideas or contributions you may have – and please do attend the networking event on 5th December (details TBC). Watch this space!

Jamie Sefton
Managing Director
Game Republic Ltd

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