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Game Republic encourages people to consider careers in games

Game Republic has released a guide to why people should join the games industry in time for when students receive A-level results this week. The guide has been pulled together from interviews with leading figures in the games industry including Simon Iwaniszak of Red Kite Games, Nina Cliff of Sumo Group, Stephen Hey from Radical Forge, Noirin Carmody of Revolution Software, John O’Shea of the National Videogames Museum and Kimberley Turner of Double Eleven to name a few.

Alongside the incredible growth and global nature of the games industry, the reasons for joining include the friendliness and fun nature of the sector, the multi-disciplinary perspectives, the dynamic and creative features of the industry and the diversity and inclusivity that increasingly creates a welcoming environment for all.

Dr Jackie Mulligan Co-Director of Game Republic said “It was striking to here so many positive reasons people cited for joining the game industry that went far beyond simple economics. It is clearly about being part of a community that is growing and crosses boundaries both in innovation and between sectors. It was fascinating to review the responses we received. What is particularly exciting is that with so many disciplines supporting the creation of games, the sector provides an option to people who may not have considered the games industry before. We hope it also helps young people to fully consider their future study and career options.”

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