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Game Republic XR/VR Special Event – Thursday 24th September

The next Game Republic online event will be an XR/VR special on Thursday 24th September.

The event will be a great opportunity to catch up on the latest development and funding info from the virtual world of XR, with talks from XR Stories (University of York) and hugely successful UK game developer nDreams who have just launched their latest title Phantom Covert Ops.

We’ll also be joined by Jed Ashforth from Realised Realities (and ex-PlayStation VR) presenting on the VR/XR market and Emma Cooper from Cooperative Innovations (Leeds-based developers who have just released their new game Spaceteam VR) will take part in the XR panel.

Game Republic members will also be able to ask questions about any aspect of XR development and find out the latest on new VR and AR hardware. If you would like to know more about joining Game Republic and accessing all our events and webinars, get in touch.

UPDATE: You can watch the whole online event below!

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