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Megaverse with Richy Pears from Other Things, Jackie and Jamie Game Republic

Megaverse wins Game Republic’s Sustainability Award

Game Republic’s 20th Anniversary Award for Sustainability has been awarded to Megaverse at Tileyard North. The Award which was sponsored by Other Things saw a wide range of nominations for sustainable initiatives from studio commitments and initiatives to games aimed at changing behaviours.

Megaverse was recognised for GAME CHANGERS, a groundbreaking live interactive show, engaged online audiences in climate activism while sparking conversations about the climate crisis. This innovative project was brought to life by Megaverse, combining real-time game engine, motion capture, and virtual production technologies. Extensive research informed the show, covering environmental aspects, plot development, and character evolution. It portrayed the causes (eg. fossil fuel consumption) and consequences (eg. flooding and migration) of climate change, along with potential responses like sponge cities and renewable energy adoption, offering a balanced view of climate realities and opportunities for hope. Judges in particular noted the impact of the project with 78% of players reporting increased interest in climate change topics (78%), and 44% feeling inspired to take real-world climate action.

Dr Jackie Mulligan co-director of Game Republic commented “This was a great example of the positive impact videogames can have on the big issues and challenges that impact our world and a highly innovative way of promoting more sustainable behaviours.”

Featured Photo: Johnny Carr

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The Game Republic 20th Anniversary Awards are part of a year-long programme of event being supported by Official Partners Red Kite Games, Barclays and Escape Technology.

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