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PICO VR and major VR game developers to speak and demo at XR event in York, 5th October

Representatives from major VR company PICO VR will be speaking at and demoing their cutting-edge VR technology at an event on Thursday 5th October in York, created in partnership by Game Republic, XR Stories and Barclays. The event ‘XR, Virtual Production and Beyond’ is for those in TV, film and games interested in the technology, with an expo showing companies’ games, VFX and tech, as well as talks, a panel and roundtables. Elaine Wong from PICO VR will be joining the line-up talking about her work in the business development unit for PICO VR’s gaming division in Europe and her vast experience working with new media and XR developers and creators across gaming and entertainment. Her focus will be on opportunities for developers in PICO VR. This exciting event forms part of the Game Republic’s year of events supported by Official Partners Red Kite Games, Escape Technology and Barclays

Richard England from Reflex Arc is another developer sharing his work at the event as a creative technologist, specialising in immersive technology at XR, Virtual Production and Beyond.  Richard has served as a Pipeline Engineer; working on asset workflows and tools for virtual sets for Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania and R&D for a very ambitious TV series pilot. His work has centred on crafting interesting, inspirational, and educational experiences using depth sensors, volumetric techniques, and spatial computing, with the aim of helping and enabling people through technology. He will be presenting a talk entitled The Virtual Art Department and Beyond – from Scouting Ant-Man Sets in VR to Interactive TV

Richard will be joined by an impressive line-up of speakers including Mat Murray from XR Games. Mat will be presenting a talk entitled Shooting For Success: Lessons Learned From Making Zombieland a Global VR Hit. Mat has an impressive story joining XR Games as Head of Marketing in 2020. Since then he’s led marketing efforts for Zombieland: Headshot Fever on Meta Quest, Rift, Steam, and more recently Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded on PlayStation VR2. His efforts have helped make Zombieland: Headshot Fever a commercial success; taking XR Games from a startup to one of the fastest-growing VR studios in the world today. Lead Designer for Just Add Water‘s Ben Hinchliffe will also be sharing insights about work on AAA VR game development on a panel about XR with Elaine Wong and Jake Parker – Content Scout for nDreams, the world’s biggest VR game developer and publisher.  Developer Draw & Code, known for their fantastic work in VR experiences, have their team Rachel McGowan and Phil Charnock delivering a presentation When Games are Not Games which promises to be fascinating. The talk will combine Rachel’s work who voices the XR studio’s work and her background of marketing theatre experiences mixed with a life-long love of video games and Phil’s work on immersive tech harnessing games technology and techniques for a wide range of clients including Google, Sony, Red Bull and more.

MD of Game Republic Jamie Sefton is excited about the event “This gathering of speakers and over 150 attendees from TV, film and games will show just some of the exciting work going on in Yorkshire and The North right now. This will be a great opportunities to make valuable connections and learn about the developments and innovations happening in XR, VR and Virtual production. I am delighted that so many Game Republic member companies will be sharing their knowledge at this event.”

Alongside the presentations, attendees will be able to join a variety of focused roundtables from the leading speakers  and go along to the expo where they will be able to meet Pittswood, Viridian FX, Dreaming Methods, Realtime UK, PICO VR, Draw & Code, The Department for Business and Trade, York St John University and Fruity Systems and Just Add Water.

If you work in games, TV and film or want to learn more about these sectors – tickets are still available which you can book here

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