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VR screenshot of Bobby in XR Games studio

XR Games Features in New Barclays Bank Campaign

XR Games has featured in a new business bank campaign for Barclays. The campaign includes an interview with Bobby Thandi, founder and CEO of XR Games, the Leeds-based award-winning virtual reality games studio – a studio that now employs over 100 people.

He  shares his top 5 tips on levelling up his business from start-up to scale-up here. One tip he provides is to partner with people who get you. He explains in his interview “Our previous bank didn’t really see us for the kind of business we are. But when the Barclays specialist Games and Creative team turned up, it was a breath of fresh air. They didn’t dress in suits, they dressed like us. They spoke like us. They were at the networking events I was going to. I could talk about anything with them – especially our industry, which they seemed to know inside out.”

Game Republic interviewed Bobby Thandi in 2023, and he joined a panel ‘Northern Lights’ at Develop: Brighton too. In his Barclays interview he speaks about the importance of networking. In his interview with Game Republic he spoke highly of the importance of the regional network too “Game Republic has been crucial in cultivating this community, connecting, supporting and encouraging studios both old and new. This support network is another reason why the Yorkshire games community is so healthy.” You can read the full Game Republic interview with Bobby here

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