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Northern Lights

To celebrate 20 years of Game Republic supporting success in the games industry in Yorkshire and The North, we are interviewing just some of the many individuals who have made a significant impact on our industry. This special anniversary marks a great opportunity to celebrate the support and impact games companies, educators, suppliers and our wider ecosystem are making to our industry, our region and the UK. Read interviews with people that have taken or are taking the lead in developing new games, new technologies, new ways of working, new collaborations, advocating for our sector or tackling challenging issues facing our industry. We thank them for all they do and have loved learning about their motivations, backgrounds and future plans.

This special Anniversary content and this special year of events has been supported by our Official Partners: Barclays, Escape Technology and Red Kite Games.

Here are the first people we interviewed and thanked for making a big impact on the region and the games industry…

Photo of Simon Iwaniszak - Red Kite Games

Picture of Adam Clewes-Boyne

portrait of Laura Harper

Nick Streeter portrait

portrait of John Sanderson

Simon Barratt picture

Photo of Nina Cliff

Photo of Kimberly Turner


Image of John Rose-Adams

Picture of Nick Keynes

Dr Jake Habgood on BBC News