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Game Republic’s “Meet OnLive” event success

Chris Donahue, Publisher/Developer Relations at OnLive, last week abandoned sunny Palo Alto California to visit rain-swept Leeds, and present to an audience of Game Republic companies – as well as give everyone who attended free OnLive consoles. OnLive is a games platform that exists in the cloud – a game is only ever played on the company’s massive servers, with video streamed live to your TV via the micro-console, PC and Mac – and also tablet devices.
Chris Donahue was keen to stress that as well as being a games platform, OnLive’s cloud technology could bring about brand new gaming experiences, and that the best new innovations were going to come from games developers and other entertainment companies, not OnLive itself.
For more information, hit the link. The next GR networking event is with SCEE on the 1st December.

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