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Jamie and Dylan at Q Games studio in Kyoto

Exclusive Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert interview for Game Republic members

Today, Game Republic launched an exclusive online interview with Dylan Cuthbert, COO and Founder of Q-Games, based in Kyoto, Japan – just for GR members!

The 45-minute interview features a wide range of topics including Dylan’s work on the legendary Star Fox games at Nintendo with Shigeru Miyamoto, the Japanese games market, publishing games in Japan, Q-Games’ extensive games catalogue and the BitSummit indie games festival, taking place in July.

“When we were making Star Fox…we’d be just hanging out with Nintendo, so we’d go for lunch with Miyamoto pretty much every day for the first half of the project – he’d love to practice his English! It was a lot of fun,” says Cuthbert. “The development speed was very fast – not that we were working too hard – just that there were no distractions, and everybody was just focused on making the game. It was an experience.”

Q-Games has an enviable catalogue of games including its Pixel Junk games such as Monsters, Scrappers and Raiders, as well as Star Fox 3D for Nintendo 3DS and the most-recent title The Tomorrow Children. Game Republic members can watch the interview for free – if you are interested in joining the network, get in touch.

Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games
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