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Boneloaf sponsors Inclusivity Award for GR 20th Anniversary

The team behind Gang Beasts, Boneloaf has confirmed sponsorship of the Game Republic 20th Anniversary Inclusivity Award. Inclusivity forms one of the 12 Award categories that will close to nominations on 30th September and forms part of Game Republic’s 20th Anniversary celebrations supported by Official Partners Red Kite Games, Barclays and Escape Technology. The Awards will be judged by sponsors with final say being given to Boss Judge Rhianna Pratchett. Winners will be announced on 23rd November 2023 at Tileyard North in Wakefield as part of GameDevDay which includes GaMaYo and will bring over 250+ developers together to showcase and celebrate games made in Yorkshire and The North.

The team at Boneloaf are delighted to be supporting the Inclusivity Award saying “Boneloaf has worked to build an inclusive and supportive company culture as many of us are neurologically atypical or come from groups underrepresented in the games industry. To support inclusion and diversity is of key importance for us, we understand there is much more we can do to promote inclusion and wanted to show this commitment by sponsoring this award.”

Award categories are open until midnight on 30th September and are as follows:

Inclusivity Award
sponsored by Boneloaf

Games Legend
sponsored by Red Kite Games

Best Large Studio (more than 100 people)
sponsored by Eaton Smith Solicitors

Best Mid-sized Studio (21-100 people)
sponsored by Barclays Games

Best Small Studio (1-20 people)
sponsored by Lenovo

Best Company Boss
sponsored by Other Things

Most Innovative Use of Technology
sponsored by Escape Technology

Community Player
sponsored by Tileyard North

Studio Hero

Most Inspiring Course Leader

Best Game-Related Research

Sustainability Award
Best Game Ever Made in Yorkshire and The North


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