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GDC in San Francisco

Game Republic guide to getting the most from GDC and International Events

As the international games conference season kicks off for 2024, we thought it would be useful to post our top tips for attending international events such as GDC. Game Republic is part of a trade mission with the Department for Business and Trade, setting up meetings at our UK HQ of Werqwise in San Francisco. This mission is fully recruited now. If you are interested in getting support in future trade missions or meeting or being introduced to international companies, please get in touch with us. Whether you are with us on the Trade Mission or going it alone, have a read of our checklist to make the most of the trip.

So before you leave for GDC…

Focus on what you want to achieve from GDC or any international event:

– What are your goals?

– What are you pitching? (project(s), yourself, the company)

– Which companies are you really aiming to meet?

– Which individuals in those companies do you need to meet?

– Start booking meetings EARLY

Things to check before you attend GDC:

– Is there available Department for Business and Trade funding or support, such as the trade mission to GDC

– Do you have an ESTA to enter the USA?

– Have you got offline pitches on your tablet/laptop – both short and longer pitches and videos/playable demos

– Bring USB battery packs, wifi hotspot for your phone abroad

– Schedule of meetings and venues – have you checked where the meeting venues are?


What to do when you’re back in the UK:

– Review your daily notes

– Look at the actions you wrote down and act on them

– LinkedIn hook up with everyone you met

– Remind essential meeting contacts of where you met / things you discussed if it was brief

– Email follow-ups, sign that deal!

There is a more in-depth Game Republic presentation on SlideShare with links to useful “How To Pitch” guides from Sony PlayStation and publisher Raw Fury. If you are a Game Republic member, don’t forget to ask us about our contacts at these events and how we can help you and your business when you are at the event – even if we may not be attending. Good luck and see you at GDC 2024!

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