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campaign video screenshot with Jermaine Jenas

Electronic Arts launch new campaign to promote responsible play

Electronic Arts has launched a new campaign encouraging parents and carers to set up parental controls on their video game devices this summer as part of the Get Smart About Play initiative.

The campaign includes a video from Jermaine Jenas highlighting the importance of using parental controls to help manage screen time, in-game purchases, online interactions, and access to age-appropriate content.

In a story from Electronic Arts Jermaine Jenas said: “I love playing video games as a way of spending time with my kids so by partnering with Electronic Arts on this campaign, I hope we can help spread awareness of the parental controls that are in place on devices. With the constant release of new consoles and games, I am sure that parents will have questions about how to keep their children safe whilst they play. has lots of information about the measures that are in place to ensure that kids are having fun, but are also kept safe”.

The campaign complements Ukie – The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment‘s recently launched PowerUpPact initiative.

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