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Megaverse releases new Climate Crisis live action game

This Summer we have all been witnessing some shocking scenes as a result of climate change, some in real life too. It seems clear to us that there needs to be more understanding of the issues and more awareness of the the biggest and the smallest acts that can be done to make a difference. So in one way the timing could not be better for Megaverse’s Game Changers release this August.

Written by Emma Nuttall and directed and produced by Megaverse, with Assistant Director Hetty Hodgson. Research by Lynda Dunlop and Zoyander Street, GAME CHANGERS is funded by UK Research & Innovation.

GAME CHANGERS is a live interactive online game bringing together audiences to learn about climate change and be a part of climate activism. A live remote audience joins GreenView Rising across two sessions as they fight for a sustainable future, making decisions collectively to shape the game’s outcome.

See Trailer here

GAME CHANGERS is giving audiences the chance to take part in a real live-action game through their screens. Through collective decision-making to shape the game’s outcome and help the GreenView Rising team to make history.

This limited-run two-part game is asking the questions: Can we work together to build a sustainable future in the face of big industry and inadequate policy? Can we find hope and take action in a time of climate fear and apathy?

The town of GreenView needs your help, and the GreenView Rising team is waiting for you.

Sign up to take part in this action-packed climate game:

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