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Revolution Kickstarts Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse

York games company and Game Republic member Revolution Software has reached its $400,000 target to “crowdfund” its latest Broken Sword adventure in just two weeks. Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the aim of allowing Revolution and the creator Charles Cecil to develop the game completely independently away from traditional games publishing routes.

Currently the money raised now exceeds $448,000 with more than 9000 backers worldwide supporting the development of the fifth Broken Sword adventure right here in the Yorkshire region. Revolution said to all backers of the project that they were, “so excited, as for the first time ever, we have full creative control of a Broken Sword game, and it’s all down to you. We cannot thank you enough for your generous support!”

There is still two weeks left of the Broken Sword Kickstarter campaign – if the target reaches $1,000,000, Revolution Software will also greenlight a sequel to another adventure classic, Beneath A Steel Sky. Check out this Kickstarter link for more details on how to contribute.

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