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Ben Board Epic Games portrait

Epic Games’ Ben Board Joins Game Republic event in January

Ben Board from Epic Games will be presenting at Game Republic’s first event of the year in 2024. The event Narrative Design and Game Trends Forecast has been sponsored by Revolution Software will see a future trends forecast by GI.Biz’s Chris Dring and a panel on narrative design with Rhianna Pratchett, Paul Cornell, Charles Cecil and Judi Alston. The event will also announce the Game Republic Official Partners for 2024.

Ben joined the games industry in 1997 as a coder at legendary Bullfrog Productions, went on to nearby Lionhead, coding, scripting and designing on the first Fable, had four years in Australia as a Producer, and headed back to the UK in 2008 to start Microsoft’s European developer relations team to help other people make great games on Xbox.  A few years later, missing the coal face and wanting to understand this newfangled mobile free-to-play thing, he moved to BossAlien to lead the post-launch development of the very successful CSR Racing, and later to Hutch, where he designed and led Race Kings: intended to improve on CSR in every way; died on its arse. The development itch scratched (for now) Ben moved to Epic Games in 2017, where he has ever since been privileged to work with incredible Unreal Engine developers in the UK and Europe, and help them succeed. Ben will be sharing opportunities coming up in 2024 with developers at AvenueHQ in Leeds.

Free places are available to Game Republic members but only a few places remain for this event that will kick-off Game Republic’s 2024 event programme.

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