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Online event with Valve 27th February

Last year in May, Game Republic members were treated to a one hour live Q&A with Valve. Alden Kroll and Erik Peterson from Valve answering questions for nearly an hour on all aspects of Steam including Wishlists, sales and discounts, discoverability, Steam Deck verification and VR games.

For members there was invaluable information to help them sell their games on the world’s number one PC games platform, including using Wishlists instead of pre-purchases (so the Steam algorithm picks up all the sales on day one to help get your game better promoted), making sure you include gameplay videos and screenshots prominently on your game’s homepage and how developers should look to translate their games into other languages such as simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Turkish if they want to maximise sales.

The event was very popular, and the good news is we are running another exclusive online event on 8th February at 5pm with more updates on opportunities, tips and developments so games studios can make the most of the platform. Game Republic members can attend for free and should have received a code to join.

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