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Talent the focus of the next Game Republic event 26th April

We are a fast-moving industry, making a significant impact on the UK economy. Whilst the games produced look smooth and slick, the production of these great experiences is not easy.

For companies in all sectors, but in particular in tech, attracting and retaining talent is not a simple task. We are in an ever more competitive environment where recruitment is only step one and retaining, supporting and nurturing teams is ever more important. On April 26th, we will be bringing three fantastic guests to share their insights and tips for attracting, retaining and nurturing talent. If you run a games company, or have ambitions to run one, this is a must-attend and a great place for you to network and get answers and help.

Christopher Dring from GamesIndustry. biz will be sharing his insights from the Best Places to Work competition and lessons learnt on best practices in running a games studio, Shahid Ahmad (ex-Sony) will discuss changing negative to positive attitudes to your job and Rosie Taylor, content and community manager for Safe in Our World will be presenting on the very important area of ‘Navigating toxicity in games in community-facing roles’.

This Game Republic event is happening at the Guildhall in York from 4-7pm on 26th April. To book your place at this event, register here. Check your inbox for the free link to this event if you are a member.

This is our fourth event of the year – a special one for Game Republic as its our 20th Anniversary and so big thanks to our Official Partners Barclays Games & Esports‘ Red Kite Games and Escape Technology for supporting our events programme in 2023.

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