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Game Republic to Host Demos at Frenzy

Game Republic will have a dedicated room of demos at Barclays Games Frenzy event on 16th May at Canary Wharf in London. NorthRak Games, Recluse Industries and teams from University of Hull and Sheffield Hallam University will be presenting their games at the event which will include over 130 exhibitors.

Featured Image is a screenshot from Recluse Industries Haus of Klaus. 

Barclays is an Official Partner of Game Republic and has a specialist Games and Creative Team and a bank wide strategy, to ensure they work with and can support the needs of the games and creative industries at all levels. The Games Frenzy spotlights important industry topics, creates opportunities for new and upcoming UK games talent and creates a great opportunity to network with others in the industry.

Exhibiting at the event in the Game Republic room will be the following games –

Northrak – a multi-cultured games studio, with a passion for creating fantastical worlds and immersive experiences will be bringing a game called Close to Flight.
Game description – “Grab your grappling hook and pack your bag and swing through the skies, filled with floating islands and colourful characters eagerly awaiting for their packages and share their story of dreams, friendship and community”

Recluse Industries  -solo indie game developer Martin Wheeler, designer of over forty published titles including the legendary ZX Spectrum No.1 hit ‘Dan Dare – Pilot Of The Future’, the award-winning Gameboy Color realtime strategy game ‘Warlocked’, the visionary iOS stealth puzzler ‘Surveillant’ and the desolate and surreal PSVR adventure ‘Separation’.” The new game they will be bringing is Haus of Klaus.

Game description – “A Roguelite retro sci-fi blast! Can you destroy Klaus’s nuclear bunker? 1. Find your way to the inner core 2. Trigger a reactor meltdown 3. GTFO before it goes critical! Oldskool Explore & Hide / Fight gameplay. Now in Beta, early access release 7th June via App Lab”


Hidden Arts – a team of four from the University of Hull and REDACTION is their final year project. The team are brought together by a common interest in horror media and games that challenge conventional art styles and narratives. They are inspired by various mediums such as other video games, web series, books and movies.

Game description – “REDACTION is a stylised walking simulator set in a tech-ridden corporate dystopia. You play as a recluse undergoing treatment which promises to reintegrate you into society. But in this world, promises are twisted, the corporate world’s offer is nothing more than a monkey’s paw.”

Lorenomicon – The team is comprised of 6 students in their third year at Sheffield Hallam University, each either coming from the games design, games art, or computer science for games courses. They made the game as part of their 3D games prototyping module in which they had to focus on ‘Fakelore’, essentially, the group had the chance to make the game based off of their own unique folklore creatures, and explore what could be done with them. With the unique chance to work on the PS5 devkits, the group has spent the past few months working together to finish the project  – a game called LoreNomicon.

Game description – “a first-person turn-based adventure game that was created in a proprietary engine and level editor on the PS5 devkits. Players must manoeuvre maze like corridors while avoiding the monsters that roam the halls. By using the lost pages scattered throughout, you’ll develop a diverse range of tactics to get through each area by stunning, avoiding or luring away each creature you come across. You’ll have to solve progressively more difficult puzzles to escape to freedom before you get caught!”

TombStone Interactive is a small team of 5 from Sheffield Hallam University.  This is their first game as a team. The team aim to apply to the University’s in-house game studio Steel Minions and try to have the first ever student released PS5 game – Entombed.

Game description – “Immerse yourself in a haunting journey through Nordic folklore in our unique PS5 exclusive horror game. Powered by a in house engine, merging the nostalgic charm of PSX graphics and a unique Lethal Company inspired aesthetic, explore A buried tomb, in search of a long-lost truth and surviving to tell the tale. With perfect integration of proprietary PlayStation technology, including full DualSense support, it is “the ideal combination of nostalgia and innovative gameplay”. Unearth the bone-chilling secrets of Nordic mythos in this exclusive PS5 horror experience, where the haunting presence of the Draugr lurks around every corner.”

Team Jar is a group of three final year Masters students studying Computer Science for Games at Sheffield Hallam University. They developed the game together as part of their final group project. The game’s concept originates from their experience with video games in the broad “shooter” genre, as well as expanding upon a simple concept of an arena shooter that fits within the scope afforded to them by a fixed 3-month development period. The game is called Refraction.

Game description – “Refraction is a fast-paced, physics-based, twin-stick shooter where two players can battle each other with a customisable hovercraft.
Choosing between multiple unique vehicles and weapons, players can build a hovercraft for combat within an arena, winning rounds against one another.
The first to win three rounds wins the match.”

Game Republic will be at the event in the Game Republic with Jamie Sefton available to answer questions about the network and support investors, publishers and platform-holders to learn about these and more great games being developed in Yorkshire and The North.

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