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Dreaming Methods with Neil Parmar Escape Technology with Jackie and Jamie at Game Republic

Dreaming Methods wins Game Republic’s Innovative Technology Award sponsored by Escape Technology

Dreaming Methods has been awarded Escape Technology’s Most Innovative Technology Award in the Game Republic 20th Anniversary Awards at Tileyard North in Wakefield. Dreaming Methods was praised for delivering interactive stories and games through a range of digital platforms using some of the internet’s earliest media-rich interactive narratives in Flash, a technology removed from web browsers in 2020 to VR and mobile experiences. In particular, judges were impressed by their Abandoned Library project funded by XR Stories which combined spoken word poetry and archive film with real-time 3D graphics, including motion capture and weather/water simulation that resulted in a 3-week exhibition of The Abandoned Library at The Art House, Wakefield, featuring a physical installation, artwork, digital projection, interactive touch screens, and VR. Over 1600 visitors attended the exhibition.

Neil Parmar, Escape Technology said  ” At Escape we love working with studios to help them use and adapt technologies. It has been great to sponsor this award and see the range of innovations happening in the games industry in Yorkshire and The North. The nominations showed a good range of ways that studios are using technology to create new and engaging experiences. In the case of the winner, this project used tech to create a moving and powerful experience dealing with environmental disaster and has widened access to immersive technology and raised awareness of global issues at the same time.”

Featured Photo: Johnny Carr

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The Game Republic 20th Anniversary Awards are part of a year-long programme of event being supported by Official Partners Red Kite Games, Barclays and Escape Technology.

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